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Feel Good About the Future of the Human Race

Make a real difference with a degree from Johns Hopkins.

Your Community Needs You. Worldwide.

Embrace your sense of purpose as an advocate for equitable public policy and sound global health practice with a degree from the #1 school of public health.

Health is a universal language, but one vulnerable to borders and barriers. The world needs people like you who are motivated to reach across boundaries, to understand as much as possible, and to do what it takes to fight against disparities and improve global health. If you’re ready to stretch your energy and zeal for public health across state lines or continents, the Bloomberg School gives you the opportunities you’ll need to pursue this dream.

Graduate programs are designed for both recent graduates or seasoned professionals. And, with more than 300 global research projects from our backyard in Baltimore to the shores of Bangladesh, you can go just about anywhere to study a variety of topics in global health.

From advocating policy solutions to reduce gun violence to developing health systems to address the equitable allocation of health care resources, our graduate programs are designed to prepare you for a career to solve some of the most complex challenges facing the U.S. and our global society. Learn the intricacies of topics in health policy and management and international health including global health systems, multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to public health, hospital/patient care quality, health administration, public policy, global disease epidemiology, human nutrition and more.

Our graduate programs prepare you to:

  • Understand public health in a global context.
  • Engage public health policy and practice that’s focused on advocating for lifesaving measures to promote health and safety for all.
  • Develop new ways of partnering with governments and non-governmental organizations to deploy effective public health interventions and health systems in underserved global populations.
  • Become a leader in the fight to improve the health of people in the U.S. and our global community.

Join us, and take the next step in a global health career built on saving lives—millions at a time.

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