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Feel Good About the Future of the Human Race

Make a real difference with a degree from Johns Hopkins.

The leading cause of good health starts with you.

Become an advocate for communities facing challenges in human rights and equality and help create healthier societies with a degree from the top school of public health.

Determining what constitutes health is not a simple or unilateral equation. It’s complex. Many factors influence health, including where someone lives, individual behaviors and habits, and access to quality health services.

The Bloomberg School is the only school of public health with a mental health department because we know it’s another vital aspect to health.

If you want to transform communal health or champion social justice causes using holistic, evidence-based methodology, the Bloomberg School is the best place to study and research.

As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Address human rights and equity issues through community-based programs
  • Understand the intricacies of leading health care systems
  • Define health policy solutions to address the epidemics of gun violence and opioid addiction
  • Tackle today’s top public health challenges with sound research and initiatives that produce measurable behavior change
  • Become a leader in the fight against mental health disparities

Feel good about the future of the human race—championed by you.

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