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Feel Good About the Future of the Human Race

Make a real difference with a degree from Johns Hopkins.

Be a champion of health—for life

Ignite your interest in family and community health to vastly improve lives with a degree from the top school of public health.

Conception to birth. Infancy to childhood. Adolescence to adulthood. Each phase of the life cycle reveals distinct opportunities for public health practitioners and researchers to positively shape the health of our future.

Where do you want to influence change in the continuum of life?
Perhaps you’re driven by a desire to create programs that effectively arm women with evidenced-based information about reproductive health and family planning. Maybe you’re passionate about educating your community’s children about healthy nutritional habits.

Whatever your public health vision is, a graduate degree from the Bloomberg School can help you accomplish your goals.

As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Advocate for health policies grounded in community-based research to support women’s, family and reproductive health
  • Understand community program assessment, program planning and evaluation
  • Develop sound health promotion programs and strategies

Feel good about the future of the human race—championed by you.


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