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Feel Good About the Future of the Human Race

Make a real difference with a degree from Johns Hopkins.

Fight disease with a powerful tool—data

Become a data-driven change agent to make the greatest possible impact on population health at the top school of public health.

It’s no secret that the collection and interpretation of data plays a critical role in improving societal health and safety.

The Bloomberg School’s top-ranked biostatistics and renowned epidemiology programs have spent the last century driving solutions to public health and biomedical problems with statistical science and evidence-based interventions.

From creating advance treatment programs for genetic disorders to informing design decisions for wearable computing devices, data-driven solutions are critical to securing the public’s health. You can help!

As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Rely on data to develop cures for some of humanity’s greatest scourges, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, malaria and HIV
  • Use epidemiologic methods in clinical research
  • Apply bioinformatics, neuroimaging, data mining, statistics and experimental design to develop interventions

Feel good about the future of the human race—championed by you.


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