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Vaccine Impact on Cognition and Schooling Outcomes (VICS): A pilot study in India


Complete and timely immunization of children is an investment in human capital. Immunization results in healthy children free from vaccine-preventable illnesses who are able to attain their full cognitive potential, can lead to a productive society that achieves higher economic returns. VICS is a pilot study to examine the feasibility of administering a large study to explore the link between receiving complete immunization in early childhood, and optimal cognitive development and educational attainment. The study will also explore caregivers perceptions of immunization and perceived barriers at the individual and healthcare system levels. The pilot study is conducted in Haryana state in India. Successful conduct of the pilot study will help build evidence towards developing a full proposal for the main study to assess impact of immunization on cognition and school attainment. Results from the main study will likely increase public confidence in vaccines, and spur policy and action towards maintaining a healthy and productive society.


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