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Social Media Listening in response to Zika in four countries in Latin America and the Caribbean


The ongoing Zika epidemic in the LAC region has challenged authorities and the media alike to provide the public with accurate information about the type of threat Zika represents, and the actions that the public needs to take, at the individual, household and community levels. The epidemic invites rumor generation, while at the same time highlighting people’s justified, real need for credible answers. In response, people will turn to the internet and social media, among other outlets, looking for answers and sharing what they learn. We will use a social media listening software to gather publicly available posts from Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras related to Zika. We will analyze for emerging themes and draft responses, summarizing each theme, and stating what key knowledge communication, key behavior change, skill development, health worker training, health worker supervision, and related public health responses is recommended, as informed by the analysis.

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