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Human rights violations affecting Nepali widows and their children


Nepal has experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of widows due to the prolonged insurgency ending in 2006. Upon losing their husbands, widows experience a dramatic shift in their social and economic status. Widows are among the most socially and economically marginalized groups in Nepal and are frequently subject to physical and mental abuse. Widows often are also denied basic rights such as mobility, nutrition and healthcare. Our study aims to qualitatively explore the relationship between human rights and health in Nepali widows and their children. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions will identify human rights that are commonly non-protected or violated among widows in Nepal and explore the health effects of these human rights violations on the women and their children. The study will be conducted in collaboration with Women for Human Rights (WHR), an organization specifically for widows and single women that counts 41,000 widows as members and sponsors 425 support groups across 68 districts of Nepal.


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