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Chronic Kidney Disease in Children Cohort Study (CKiD)


CKiD is a chronic kidney disease pediatric cohort in which we are studying the natural history of chronic kidney disease. We have made strides in characterizing the endpoints of transplant and dialysis and the risk factors for renal replacement therapy. We have also developed new estimating equations for glomerular filtration rate using our iohexol plasma disappearance protocol, which gives us a direct measure of kidney function.

Study Aims To determine risk factors for progression of pediatric chronic kidney disease (CKD) To examine the impact of CKD on neurocognitive development To examine the impact of CKD on risk factors for cardiovascular disease To examine the impact of CKD on growth

Clinical Coordinating Centers Children''s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri (Bradley Warady, MD) Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland (Susan Furth, MD, Ph.D.)

Data Coordinating Center Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (Alvaro Muñoz, Ph.D.)

Central Laboratory at the University of Rochester School of Medicine (George Schwartz, MD)

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