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Screen for Synthetic Lethality in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis has been declared a WHO global health emergency, and the recent emergence of multidrug (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) TB has underscored the urgent need for new TB drugs. The study seeks to access the HTS resources provided by the Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network (MLSCN) with the goal of identifying sensitizing probes, identifying their molecular targets, and finding candidate agents as potential lead structures for further study. An HTS-ready, fluorescence-based whole cell screening assay is proposed that will utilize virulent M. tb. in combination with optimized concentrations of imipenem (IMI, representing the 2-lactam class) and clarithromycin (CLA, representing the macrolide class). The following aims are proposed to conduct an efficient HTS evaluation for probes that are synthetically lethal against M. tb. in the presence of 2-lactam and macrolide antibiotics: to transfer the M. tb./adjuvant drug susceptibility protocol to the designated screening center to reproduce, miniaturize, and automate a corresponding HTS assay that will be used to screen the MLSCN compound library for sensitizing probes, to provide technical support, and to conduct secondary assays confirming the potency and specificity of identified probes.


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