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Partnership for Building the Capacity of Makerere University to Improve Health Outcomes in Uganda


The ultimate goal of this project is to improve health outcomes by building and sustaining capacity at MU to address current and evolving health priorities in Uganda and the East Africa Region through strategic partnerships with JHU and key national and international stakeholders. The faculties of medicine, nursing, and public health at MU and JHU are committed to deepening and diversifying their long-standing relationship into a multi-professional institution-building partnership. This proposal seeks funding to support an initial two-year needs assessment and strategic planning process that will define the goals and objectives of a 10-year institution-building initiative between MU and JHU. The two-year project has three objectives. The first focuses on improving the alignment of MU’s educational and research capacity with Uganda’s stated national health goals and priorities. This objective will be achieved by conducting a comprehensive, multi-sectorial needs assessment, whose critical milestones will be the revision of curricula and the development of plans for enhancing research capacity. The second objective is to develop and test effective strategies for MU and its partners to use teaching, research, and practice to improve health services and outcomes related to national health priorities. This will involve evaluating and revising an existing strategy to improve health through community placement of trainees; learning from and expanding a successful community based service-delivery program; testing innovative new strategies to provide life-saving services; and translating research into policy implementation. The final objective is to identify strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of MU’s capacity to address the nation’s evolving health priorities and goals. This will involve initiating plans for MU’s support systems, including critical areas of financial and grants management, faculty development, and information systems. The project will culminate in a comprehensive 10-year strategic plan to implement and sustain priority improvements in collaboration with JHU and other key stakeholders.


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