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MOM (Mobile Obstetric Maternal Health Workers) Project


Civil conflict in eastern Burma has left several hundred thousand internally displaced persons (IDPs) in poor health and has severely limited their access to functioning health care services, especially reproductive health care. To address these problems, the Center for Public Health and Human Rights is collaborating with the primary regional providers of healthcare, including the Mae Tao Clinic and leaders of ethnic minority groups to establish a unique network of mobile, community-based maternal health workers. Their initial effort, the “Mobile Obstetric Medics (MOM)” program has as overall long-term objective to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality among IDPs within eastern Burma. The primary aim of the MOM project is to increase access to proven antenatal interventions and basic components of emergency obstetric care.

To accomplish this goal, the team has established a network of 12 mobile health centers inside Burma that will serve as:

Capacity-building sites for health workers (HW), TBAs, and other community participants

Referral centers for specialized emergency obstetrical care

Sites for the introduction of proven and appropriate antenatal, peripartum, and postpartum newborn and maternal health interventions

Hubs for standardized information collection of program indicators


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