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Whole Blood Cytokine Assay, South Africa


This is a cross-sectional study designed to assess the performance of a new T-cell based blood test, namely QuantiFERON-TB In Tube (QGIT), for diagnosis of TB infection in paediatric contacts of adults with pulmonary TB, and to determine the prevalence of M. tuberculosis infection among these pediatric contacts. The study will be carried out in South Africa, a country with a high prevalence of TB infection. Adults with pulmonary TB will be recruited to join the study; these adults will be asked to provide information about their children (aged 6 months to 12 years) and potential TB exposure of their children; the children will then be tested for M. tuberculosis infection using the QGIT and the conventional tuberculin skin test. Knowledge and attitudes about diagnosis of TB infection and chemoprevention will be elicited from the adult participants through use of a questionnaire.


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