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The Hinxton Group


In early 2004, members of the Stem Cell Policy and Ethics Program (SCOPE) at the Phoebe R. Berman Bioethics Institute began developing a new project, aspiring to bring together an esteemed, international and interdisciplinary group to explore the ethical and policy challenges of transnational scientific collaboration raised by variations in national regulations governing embryo research and stem cell science. While this project was originally planned as a single meeting, the delegates, calling themselves the ‘Hinxton Group’, decided that there were additional challenges they would be able and willing to address, and that this group should not dissolve.

In early summer 2006, we will establish two interactive resources for both experts and the public alike. This first will be our database on policy and guidance documents. Here you will be able to search for the guidelines and laws that govern and regulate stem cell research, and related fields, on the national, state and/or institutional level. The second resource we will launch is the Public Discussion Board in our Education & Outreach section, which will aim to promote discussion on issues in science, ethics and policy. We look forward to engaging and dynamic discussions, where the exchange of ideas and information will foster open dialogue among all those interested and invested in the fast-changing field of stem cell science.

Hinxton Group