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Healthy Fertility Formative Research (Postpartum Birth Spacing)


This study will develop an Optimal Birth Spacing (OBS) intervention for postpartum women and will incorporate it into the existing community-based maternal and neonatal projects in Sylhet, Bangladesh, and Shivgarh in Raebareli district of Uttar Pradesh, India. We will evaluate the feasibility of implementation of the integrated package of maternal, newborn and postpartum care interventions, including OBS interventions, and assess the incremental impact of the OBS component on maternal and newborn health. The project will have the following deliverables: a) an integrated package including safe-motherhood, neonatal and postpartum birth spacing interventions and protocols and guidelines; b) assessment of feasibility of implementation; c) measure the intervention’s impact on outcomes related to contraceptive acceptance, use and continuation; and d) assessment of the intervention’s impact on birth spacing intervals and on birth outcomes, including rates of low birth weight, prematurity, small for gestational age and maternal health outcomes, e.g., anemia, third-trimester bleeding, premature rupture of membranes and puerperal infections.

This project is being conducted through the Johns Hopkins International Center for Advancing Neonatal Health.


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