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Active Case Finding Testing and Linkage to Treatment and Improved Survival (ACTTIS) Study

Johannesburg, South Africa


Efficient and sustainable ways to identify and treat TB and HIV-infected individuals earlier may reduce morbidity, mortality and transmission of both TB and HIV. This study will provide critical data on the efficacy and cost effectiveness of a home based Active Case finding, Testing with linkage to Treatment, and Improved Survival (ACTTIS) intervention, initiated by the admission of a young (?5 years of age), hospitalized child with TB or non-TB pneumonia. Our primary outcome will be: overall survival (among both HIV positive and negative participants) without an episode of incident TB disease in the mother-child dyad, and the entire household; as well as HIV treatment outcomes among HIV-infected participants. Because of the extreme difficulty in confirming a diagnosis of TB in children, we will also determine and compare the overall, TB and HIV diagnostic yield, TB-free survival rates and TB and HIV treatment outcomes of the mother-child dyad and close contacts of children diagnosed with non-TB pneumonia. Noting the significant contribution of HIV and TB to maternal and child mortality in high burden settings, our goal is to assess the efficacy, costs and cost-effectiveness of the ACTTIS intervention.


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