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Global Projects


Good Practice in Health Care Financing

Hanoi, Vietnam


Several low and middle-income countries have undertaken ambitious health reforms to improve resource mobilization for healthcare, improve financial protection for their populations, and expand health care coverage. These experiences - which could be relevant for low and middle-income countries faced with the same issues - have not been consistently evaluated and documented. To address this gap, the World Bank''s Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) Unit in the Human Development Network is producing a series of case studies in expanding health care coverage in low and middle-income countries. Dr. Hugh Waters, Assistant Professor in the Health Systems Program in the Department of International Health at JHSPH, is providing technical supervision for this project.

The countries chosen for this project are: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, and Vietnam. Each case study will focus on the expansion of coverage - including both the number of people covered by organized financing initiatives providing them effective financial protection against high out-of-pocket costs (the breadth of coverage), and the extent of services covered (the depth of coverage). Each case study should include key examples of expanding either the depth or breadth of coverage - for example, integrating the informal sector into a social health insurance system, or progressively increasing general budget allocations to a national health service system.


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