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Global Projects


Evaluating the Impact of Family Planning on Male Reproductive Health Research Grant

Baltimore City, MD, United States


The Office of Population Affairs requested the design, preparation and feasibility testing of a cross site evaluation design for the 15 currently funded Male Reproductive Health Research grantee projects. To develop the design, researchers have visited each grantee and conducted semi-structured interviews with the project staff, administrators, program evaluators and community partners. In addition all project materials like grant applications, progress reports, brochures, and case record forms have been reviewed. The projects are quite diverse in terms of their program models, levels of implementation, and readiness for outcome evaluation. The cross site evaluation design will be developed to focus on two specific program models. One study will be designed to measure the effectiveness of the Wise Guys curriculum in particular program sites. This curriculum is in wide use among male only pregnancy prevention programs. The second study will study the effectiveness of varying approaches to conducting outreach to potential male clients of clinics providing male reproductive health services. The findings should help guide future Title X sponsored male reproductive health services.