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Culture-Quality-Collaborative (CQC)

Philadelphia, PA, United States


The CQC is a network of leading healthcare organizations that is working in conjunction with the Center faculty and select cultural competency consultants to share ideas, experiences, and solutions to real world problems that arise as a result of cross-cultural interactions that hinder the elimination of disparities in healthcare settings. Members participate in monthly webinars and have access to the members’ only section of the CQC website. The webinars provide members with the opportunity to learn, network, and share experiences as they develop and deploy the various interventions.

Each webinar features an expert on cultural competency who presents on a topic about which the members have expressed an interesting in learning. In addition, a brief case study of a success or challenge associated with the topic is presented by one of the members. Prior to developing and deploying interventions, each of the members completes the COA360 for several units or departments as part of the CQC/COA360 continuous quality improvement (CQI) cycle. These assessments establish a baseline of performance, identification of deficiencies, followed by the implementation of tailored interventions, and re-assessment to determine the effectiveness of the interventions.


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