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Global Projects


Multiplex oral fluid antibody assay for arbovirus diagnosis, surveillance and prevention

Baltimore, MD, United States


The goal of this project is to develop and validate tests for differential detection of IgG antibodies specific for ZIKV, DENV, and CHIKV infection using oral fluid (OF) specimens. We will develop and integrate OF arbovirus diagnostic tests into US and global surveillance studies to reveal a more refined temporal and geographic immunological landscape (including attack rates) on which arboviruses spread to inform and advance prevention. There are three critical unmet needs addressed by this project. It will: 1) enable broader population sampling to more accurately estimate past, ongoing and future spread of disease; 2) permit more targeted planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of vaccination and vector control programs; and 3) support ongoing and imminent DENV and ZIKV vaccine trials by providing the feasibility to non-invasively determine exposure status prior to vaccination.

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