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Protein Energy Wasting in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

Baltimore, MD, United States


In adults with CKD, especially advanced stage CKD, protein-energy wasting or cachexia inflammation syndrome has been implicated as a risk factor for death and accelerated atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. While PEW has been studied and defined primarily in adult CKD populations with a focus on end-stage, children with CKD may be at higher risk for PEW and more susceptible to its effects. Children have higher energy requirements due to growth and normal development and thus are highly susceptible to the adverse consequences of malnutrition. Thus while PEW is thought to occur mostly in the context of advanced disease, as a result of higher vulnerability, markers of PEW may appear earlier in the course of CKD in children. This projects will characterize the occurrence and timing of PEW and its associated comorbities in the context of pediatric CKD. We will also explore the relationships between PEW and indicators of cardiovascular morbidity in children with CKD.


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