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Consolidated Youth Strategies Project Evaluation

Baltimore, MD, United States


To address the well-being of youth and their families in Baltimore, The Family League of Baltimore City (FLBC) has partnered with the Maryland Sub-Cabinet for Children, Youth, and Families to develop a five-year Strategic Plan for Children and Families. This Strategic Plan includes an agreement with the state and local partners to produce a Juvenile Violence Reduction Plan and a Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Plan. In order to implement the Strategic Plan, FLBC has developed the Consolidated Youth Grant to award funding to strengthen and supplement vendor services and programs addressing these priority areas. The FLBC has contracted with Drs. Cardona and Tandon to develop and carry out an evaluation of the Consolidated Youth Grant. This study will evaluate the extent to which CYG service providers improve the resilience of adolescents served by their programs. Youth resilience has been shown to influence CYG’s three main outcomes of adolescent substance abuse, school dropout, and delinquency. It is also a more proximal outcome amenable to assessment of change over a shorter period of time.

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