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Global Projects


The Study of Patient Attitudes Regarding Quality (SPARQ) Project

Baltimore, MD, United States


SPARQ is a collaborative project funded by the Office of Population Affairs/DHHS under a grant entitled "Strengthening the Capacity of Family Planning Agencies to Improve the Quality of Family Planning Services: Cooperative Agreement for Research to Improve the Delivery of Family Planning Services."

The purpose of the project is to link together a network of research-oriented family planning agencies around the specific aim of assessing and improving service quality with the expectation of developing a successful precedent for collaboration as a means of strengthening family planning research.

The goal is to have the network flourish, initiate further research that the participating agencies believe could lead to service delivery improvement, and actively disseminate finding about successful tools and approaches to their colleagues. The objectives are 1) to develop feasible and practical approaches to measuring the quality of family service delivery in Title X clinics by integrating knowledge and experience gained domestically and internationally; 2) to have the assessment process focus on all points of contact between the client and service provider, with a particular emphasis on client-provider service interactions; 3) to develop an assessment toolbox that could eventually be used by many types of family planning service providers; 4) to develop a research infrastructure to test approaches to improving the quality of family planning service delivery by forming a small network of research-oriented Title X grantee agencies; and 5) to enhance the dissemination of information about science based practices to practitioners.

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