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MET(MOBILIZING, EQUIPPING, AND TRAINING) Approach for Primary Behavior Change in Youth

Kampala, Uganda


Funded through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Samaritan’s Purse (SP) International Relief’s MET approach for primary behavior change in youth is an Abstinence and Behavior Change for Youth (ABY) program and the goal of the program is to assist youth in making healthy choices that prevent HIV through abstinence and faithfulness. Three SP MET teams per country will comprise of a supervisor, two MET trainers, and four mobilizers in target areas of Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. The teams will mobilize, equip, and train approximately 6,000 community youth leaders to outreach to 150,000 youth ages 10-24 years through integrated education, mentorship, and care approaches focusing on abstinence before marriage, faithfulness in marriage, stigma associated with HIV, as well as mentoring in community-based service and those at risk for sexual exploitation and abuse. Community youth leaders will promote HIV/AIDS prevention using various communication methods that include character, life skills, and positive interpersonal relationships based on “There is Hope” and “It Takes Courage!” curriculum developed by Kerus Global.


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