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To assess the factors, such as the knowledge/ concepts, intentions affecting clinicians to give transfusion orders

Taipei, Taiwan


Patient blood management (PBM), a multidisciplinary approach, has three main aims:

1) Optimization of the volume of red blood cells ;

2) Minimization of blood loss;

3) Harnessing and optimizing the tolerance of anaemia.

The clinicians, including surgeons, physicians, residents and transfusion practitioners can promote PBM following practical strategies, as follows.

1) Management of anemia before and after surgery;

2) Inpatient and intraoperative measures to reduce blood loss and increase the use of foreign blood-saving measures, e.g., by optimising surgical and anaesthetic techniques, treatment with tranexamic acid (TXA) and autologous blood salvage;

3) Strict indication concerning blood transfusion

The primary investigator, Shin-Yi Tsai designed the questionnaire in January, 2019 and have introduced it in several invited speeches to assess the factors, such as the knowledges/ concepts on transfusion, the intentions that affect clinicians to give transfusion orders to use blood and blood products efficiently and promote the healthcare outcome.


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