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Impact of a Balanced Protein-Energy Supplement in Pregnancy and Early Lactation on Reproductive Outcomes and Growth in Southern Nepal

Hariaun, Nepal


The overall objective of this project is to test the efficacy of a balanced protein energy supplement for daily use during pregnancy and the first 6 months after delivery on the outcomes of pregnancy and growth of infants during the first 6 months of life in Sarlahi District, Nepal. After formative work, this is a 2x2 factorial, randomized controlled trial of supplementation with fortified balanced energy and food among pregnant and lactating women. Women are randomized to receive a food supplement vs. standard of care from the end of the first trimester through the end of pregnancy to reduce low birth weight and small-for-gestational age weight and length. At birth, women are re-randomized to receive the same food supplement during 6 months postpartum to support lactation and to impact infant growth and breast milk composition in the first 6 months of life. Follow-ups will continue through 12 months of age.


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