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Mozambique: Improving Health Care Service Delivery

Maputo, Mozambique


Jhpiego, in partnership with Chemonics International, is working in Mozambique to streamline the health care system and improve service delivery. This five-year program, called FORTE Saúde (Fostering Optimization of Resources and Technical Excellence for National Health), began in December 2005, and is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development. Jhpiego’s role in this program is to provide technical assistance to Mozambique’s central Ministry of Health (MOH) to improve policies, strategies, guidelines and protocols on maternal and child health, reproductive health, malaria in pregnancy, nutrition and emergency preparedness. Jhpiego’s aim is to strengthen the capacities of the MOH and private voluntary organizations/nongovernmental organizations to increase utilization of, access to, demand for and management of maternal and child health and reproductive health services at the provincial, district and community levels.

As part of FORTE Saúde, Jhpiego is working to build the country’s capacity to educate, train and support health care personnel. The goal of the program is to increase the use of child survival and reproductive health services in target areas, with an immediate result of increased accountability in policy and management.

Because Mozambique is especially vulnerable to epidemics such as cholera and meningitis, another focus of this program is emergency preparedness. Activities include technical assistance; training; support for information and communication technology; provision of equipment, supplies and materials; capacity building; policy dialogue; monitoring and evaluation; development of tools and job aids; operational research; and development of behavioral change and communication/community participation strategies.

Through FORTE Saúde, Jhpiego has been asked to work with the MOH to plan and conduct an assessment of male circumcision services, and to explore the possibility of expanding these services in Mozambique.

About Jhpiego: For nearly 40 years, Jhpiego, (pronounced "ja-pie-go"), has empowered front-line health workers by designing and implementing simple, low-cost, hands-on solutions that strengthen the delivery of health care services, following the household-to-hospital continuum of care. We partner with community- to national-level organizations to build sustainable, local capacity through advocacy, policy and guidelines development, and quality and performance improvement approaches.

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