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Global Projects


The Mobile and Scalable Innovations for Measles Immunization (M-SIMI) randomized controlled trial

Kisumu, Kenya


Globally, 21 million children do not receive measles vaccine each year. As access and ownership of mobile phone are at an all time high, opportunities arise to leverage mobile-health technologies to generate demand for immunization. This study is a randomized controlled trial to test whether text message reminders, with or without unconditional mobile-money incentives, can improve the measles vaccination status in children enrolled by community health workers. This trial assesses a scalable strategy of delivering reminders and subsidies and will build on the success of our previous work, the M-SIMU trial. This study will provide the rigorous evidence needed to determine if Community Health Workers (CHWs) can enroll mother-infant pairs into a study to determine if SMS reminders, with or without unconditional subsidies can improve measles vaccination coverage in a rural Kenyan setting.


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