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Research study on Maternal and Neonatal health in tribal regions in Gujarat state, India

Gujarat, India


Gujarat has made considerable economic growth but continues to lag behind on maternal and neonatal health indicators. Within Gujarat state the tribal population fares worse than the rest of the population on maternal and neonatal health indicators and is also amongst the poorest of the poor. The scheduled tribes (ST) form 15% of the state’s population and yet has little availability and access to health services. Moreover, there has been very little research available that explains the issues surrounding maternal and neonatal health, their needs, available health services and its impact on maternal and neonatal health amongst the tribal population in the state. A comprehensive study is proposed to understand the maternal and neonatal health status, existing public health care system available for maternal and neonatal health and socio-behavioral factors to understand health seeking and thereby identify health needs, gaps and barriers to improve maternal and neonatal health through future interventions.


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