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Global Projects


Evaluating Multidisciplinary Global Health Faculty and Student Teams

Mumbai, India


The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health (CGH) seeks to foster increased engagement of all divisions of the university in global health; by bringing together faculty and students from different disciplinary backgrounds, the CGH focuses on tackling public health problems that do not respond to conventional prevention and control strategies. The CGH is also looking to strengthen the evidence base for the different activities it funds, including grants to individual faculty and students and grants to support the larger, interdisciplinary program of work at a research site. This IRB protocol describes an evaluation of the first year of funded activities under the CGH’s 3 new Global Established Multidisciplinary Sites (GEMS), supported through the university’s Global Health Signature Initiative.

The aims of this project are:

1) To document the activities of individual members of the interdisciplinary teams at the three GEMS sites in 1) Bangladesh, 2) India and 3) South Africa. 2) To evaluate how the students and faculty at the three sites perceive the nature of collaboration within interdisciplinary teams. 3) To evaluate how investigators and overseas collaborators perceive the needs of students working in interdisciplinary teams, and their role as mentors. and 4) To evaluate whether the work of interdisciplinary teams affects causes and solutions that are identified for global health problems.


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