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Global Projects


Monitoring and Evaluation of the Tobacco Product Point of Sale Environment

Delhi, India


Tobacco product advertising, promotion, and sponsorship have been shown to influence tobacco use through increased youth initiation as well as decreased cessation. Advertising at the point of sale (POS) of tobacco has become increasingly important for tobacco companies as governments begin to implement advertising bans through other avenues (FTC, 2009). Young people are especially vulnerable to the effects of tobacco advertising.

IGTC has been involved in tobacco product point of sale monitoring projects in countries throughout the world, including India, Mexico, and Vietnam. The purpose of this research is to monitor the tobacco point of sale environment with regard to density of tobacco sale, location of tobacco sales, the advertising and marketing environment at point of sale, and the impact of these aspects on tobacco use. The data collected lends information to the understanding of the effect of the point of sale environment and the subsequent formation and enforcement of policies.