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Global Projects


Apollo Hospitals Group

Chennai, India


The Apollo Hospitals Group is the single largest private hospital group in Asia managing over 7200 beds in India and abroad. In addition to centers in India, the Apollo Group manage centers of excellence in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Qatar, and Kuwait with further initiatives in South and East Africa, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Vietnam and Thailand. In the summer of 2005, Apollo began a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine International to introduce best practices to India and the region. Hopkins, with the finest resources in healthcare delivery, education, and medical research at its disposal, was able to assist Apollo with fulfilling their vision of clinical excellence through collaborations on clinical program partnerships, continuing medical education for staff, telemedicine, clinical research, and cost efficiency consulting on healthcare delivery.

In December of 2005, Hopkins and Apollo entered into a stronger and more extensive collaboration with additional projects involving the creation of a nursing school, a surgical training center and a management institute. As a leader in healthcare services in India and with a strong network of hospitals, Apollo is well positioned to take full advantage of this dynamic collaboration and transport healthcare in the region to new heights. The generous and compassionate nature of Apollo’s leadership is aligned with Hopkins’ global vision of raising the standard of healthcare worldwide.

Advancing Medicine:

As part of the agreement between Johns Hopkins and Apollo, Hopkins will provide Continuing Medical Education services to the physicians affiliated with Apollo Hospital Group. Additionally, Johns Hopkins and Apollo will collaborate to develop Centers of Excellence in the following clinical specialties: Oncology, Neurosciences, Orthopedics and Cardiac Services.

Additional collaborations include nurse and allied health education programs, telemedicine and second opinion services. The Apollo Telemedicine Network Foundation (ATNF) will serve as a platform for providing second opinions and teleconsults with specialists at Johns Hopkins.

Translational research and clinical trials are also a focus area. Johns Hopkins Medicine clinical trials units will make specific proposals for the conduct of clinical trials and/or research with Apollo faculty. Apollo Hospitals’ research organizations will arrange for the trials to be conducted in their facilities, according to international standards and protocols.


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