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Global Projects


Bloomberg Data for Health - Non-Communicable Diseases (D4H-NCD) Surveillance Project

Bogota, Colombia


Bloomberg Philanthropies funded Data for Health - Non-Communicable Diseases (D4H-NCD) surveillance project conducted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is part of a wider Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative (BD4HI). The NCD surveillance component of the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative will determine the feasibility, quality, validity, and reliability of using mobile phone surveys for NCD surveillance as an interim and complementary measure to face-to-face household surveys, and to encourage more frequent assessment of a subset of indicators that do not require physical measurement, biochemical assessment, or interviewer assistance. Such surveys have the potential to be conducted quickly and relatively cheaply. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been implementing a global approach and tools to support NCD risk factor surveillance, which includes monitoring risk factor exposures and some NCD outcomes through the STEPwise approach to NCD Surveillance (STEPS). STEPS enables countries to collect comprehensive NCD risk factor data and data on selected aspects of health system response at least once every 5 years. STEPS surveys will be supported in select countries by WHO under the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative to establish a comparison factor for the data collected using the mobile phone platform.