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Global Projects


Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA)

Ougadougu, Burkina Faso


PMA employs local women to conduct rapid-turnaround surveys using smartphones to monitor progress in contraceptive use and track access and quality dimensions of family planning services at the facility level. It is currently implemented in 9 geographies; Burkina Faso, Cote d''Ivoire, DR Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and India/Rajasthan. Service delivery points that serve the enumeration area are also included. By combining both facility and household components of the PMA platform, researchers can set up both the supply and demand “sides” for analyses of the association between family planning service delivery outputs and the population outcomes in a way that few other facility surveys can. This allows for the generation of unique insights and hypothesis testing. In addition to providing comparable measures of core FP indicators, PMA2020 gathers information on emerging issues in FP and reproductive health that other large scale surveys are not currently capturing. For example, PMA has included questions on implant removal, menstrual hygiene management, Sayana Press introduction, and program exposure in selected countries.


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