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Howard D. Chilcoat, ScD

  • Associate Professor - Adjunct

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Purdue Pharma
One Stamford Forum
Stamford, Connecticut 06901


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ScD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1992
MHS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1991
MS, Johns Hopkins University, 1986

Honors and Awards

1987 National Institute of Mental Health Predoctoral Fellowship, The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health

1994 College on Problems of Drug Dependence, Travel Award

1997 Delta Omega (National Public Health Honor Society)

  • Mental Health Mental Hygiene drug dependence drug abuse epidemiology
  • Breslau N, Peterson EL, Schultz LR, Chilcoat HD, Andreski P (1998) Major depression and stages of smoking: A longitudinal investigation. Archives of General Psychiatry 55:161-166.

  • Breslau N, Kessler RC, Chilcoat HD, Schultz LR, Davis GC, Andreski P (1998) Posttraumatic stress disorder in the community: The 1996 Detroit Area Survey of Trauma. Archives of General Psychiatry 55:626-632.

  • Andreski P, Chilcoat HD, Breslau N (1998) Post traumatic stress disorder and somatization symptoms: a prospective study. Psychiatry Research 79:131-138.

  • Chilcoat HD and Breslau N (1998) Investigations of causal pathways between PTSD and drug use disorders. Addictive Behaviors 23:827-840.

  • Chilcoat HD and Breslau N (1998) PTSD and drug disorders: Testing causal pathways. Archives of General Psychiatry 55:913-917.