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Nga Lien Tran, DrPH

  • Assistant Professor - Adjunct

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  • risk assessment dietary exposure assessment nutritional risk assessment methylmercury acrylamide cancer risks
  • Schmitt, D., Tran, N., Riefler, S., Jacoby, J., Merkel, D., Marone, P., Naouli, N., “Toxicologic evaluation of modified gum acacia: Mutagenicity, acute and subchronic toxicity.” Food Chemical Toxicology, paper accepted 29 October 2007.

  • Tran, N.L., Hasselbalch, B., Morgan, K., Claycamp, G. “Elicitation of Expert Knowledge About Risks Associated with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process.” Pharmaceutical Engineering, July/August 2005: 24-38.

  • Fox, M.A., Tran, N.L., Groopman, J.D., Burke, T.A., “Toxicological Resources for Cumulative Risk: An Example with Hazardous Air Pollutants.” 2004. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

  • Teta, M.J., Tran, N.L., Mink, P.J., Barraj, L.M. “Validity of Using Background Leukemia Incidence Rates with Cohort Mortality-Based Potency Estimates to Calculate Excess Lifetime Risk.” 2004. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 10(5): 1-16.

  • Litt, J., Tran, N., Malecki, K.C., Neff, R., Resnick, B., and Burke, T. Mini-Monograph: Priority Health Conditions, Environmental Data, and Infrastructure Needs: A Synopsis of the Pew Environmental Health Tracking Project. 2004. Environmental Health Perspectives: doi:10.1289/ehp.7147. [Online 3 August 2004]