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David Salkever, PhD

  • Professor - Emeritus

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624 N. Broadway
Room 429
Baltimore, Maryland


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Dr. Salkever’s current research projects include 1) specifying and estimating econometric models of transitions from private long-term disability benefits to SSDI for those suffering from a mental disorder; 2) financing of care for the severely mentally ill; and 3) developing national estimates of the impact of occupational injuries and illnesses on Social Security Disability Insurance.

Dr. Salkever also serves as a technical advisor for the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative to study the feasibility of a Universal Health Plan for the State. He has researched extensively the impacts of pharmaceutical pricing and the cost impacts of hospital treatments and insurance plans.

Honors and Awards

Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1965-66 Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellow, 1967-68 Harvard University Scholarship, 1966-67 U.S.P.H.S. Traineeship Grant, 1968-70 Delta Omega Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics, 1992-93

  • Health Policy and Management Economic impacts econometric models mental health disability benefits mental health insurance
  • Domino, Marisa Elena and Salkever, David. “Price Elasticity and Pharmaceutical Selection: The Influence of Managed Care,” Health Economics, forthcoming.

  • Salkever, David S. “Tickets Without Takers? Potential Economic Barriers to the Supply of Rehabilitation Services to Beneficiaries with Mental Disorders,” in Bell and Rupp (eds.), Paying for Results in Vocational Rehabilitation: Will Provider Incentives Work for Ticket to Work?, Washington, DC: The Urban Institute, forthcoming.

  • Slade, Eric and Salkever, David. “Symptom Effects on Employment in a Structural Model of Mental Illness and Treatment: Analysis of Patients with Schizophrenia,” Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, Vol. 4, (2001), pp. 25-34.

  • Salkever, David S.; Shinogle, Judith A.; Purushothaman, Mohankumar. “Employer Disability Management Strategies and Other Predictors of Injury Claims Rates and Costs: Analysis of Employment-Based Long Term Disability Insurance Claims,” Journal of Safety Research, Vol. 32, (2001), pp. 157-185.

  • Salkever, David S., Shinogle, Judith A. and Purushothaman, Mohankumar. “Employers’ Disability Management Activities: Descriptors and an Exploratory Test of the Financial Incentives Hypothesis,” Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, Vol. 10, No. 3, (2000), pp. 199-214.