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Nicholas Reed, AuD

  • Assistant Professor

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2024 E. Monument Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health

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AuD, Towson University, 2013
BA, Lycoming College, 2008

Select Publications:

  • Reed NS, Betz J, Kendig N, Korczak M, & Lin FR. Personal sound amplification products vs a conventional hearing aid for speech understanding in noise. JAMA, 2017 Jul 4;318(1) 89-90. PMID:28672306
  • Reed NS, Altan A, Deal JA, Yeh C, Kravetz A, Wallhagen M, Lin FR. Trends in Health Care Costs and Utilization Associated with Untreated Hearing Loss Over 10 Years. JAMA-Otolaryngology, 2019 145(1) 27-34. PMID: 30419131
  • Reed NS, Betz JF, Kucharska-Newton A, Lin FR, Deal JA. Hearing loss and satisfaction with healthcare: an unexplored relationship. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 2018 67(3) 624-626. PMID: 30512196
  • Reed NS, Lin FR, Willink A. Hearing Care Access? Focus on Clinical Services, Not Devices. JAMA, 2018 320(16), 1641-1642. PMID: 30242394