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Francisco Villavicencio, PhD

  • Assistant Scientist

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615 N Wolfe St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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PhD, University of Southern Denmark, 2017
MA, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2011
BSc, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2010
BA, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2009

Select peer-reviewed publications

  • Campos, F. A.*, F. Villavicencio*, E. A. Archie, F. Colchero, and S. C. Alberts. 2020. Social bonds, social status, and survival in wild baboons: a tale of two sexes. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 375(1811): 20190621. *co-first authors.
  • Aburto, J. M., F. Villavicencio, U. Basellini, S. Kjærgaard, and J. W. Vaupel. 2020. Dynamics of life expectancy and life span equality. PNAS 117(10): 5250-5259.
  • Kashyap, R. and F. Villavicencio. 2016. The dynamics of son preference, technology diffusion, and fertility decline underlying distorted sex ratios at birth: A simulation approach. Demography 53(5): 1261-1281.
  • Villavicencio, F. and T. Riffe. 2016. Symmetries between life lived and left in finite stationary populations. Demographic Research 35: 381-398.
  • Villavicencio, F., J. P. Jorda, and J. M. Pujadas-Mora. 2015. Reconstructing lifespans through historical marriage records of Barcelona from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In G. Bloothooft, P. Christen, K. Mandemakers, and M. Schraagen (eds.), Population reconstruction, pp. 199-216. Springer.