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Deborah Odihi

  • Research Associate

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415 N. Washington Street
5th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

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Immunization Economics

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MHS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2018
BA, Hanover College, 2017


Deborah's research is on finding ways to improve the economic evidence for the implementation and continued support for vaccines and other health interventions in resource poor settings. Her work provides recommendations to stakeholders on what types of interventions are suitable and sustainable in their context. With an emphasis on vaccine-preventable diseases, Deborah's works provides evidence on benefits of vaccines and finding the sustainable ways of implementing and financing vaccines in a health system.

Her current work is on the implementation of contingent valuation studies (a type of stated preference methods) in resource-poor settings for vaccine-preventable diseases, in order to mitigate the challenges that field researchers face, and thus elicit less biased and more valid willingness to pay estimates. Some major highlights of this work were exploring ways to teach probabilities through visual aids and also understanding effect of framing on the participants willingness to pay.

Honors and Awards

Delta Omega Honor Society (Johns Hopkins University), 2018

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (Hanover College), 2017

Gamma Sigma Pi Honor Society (Hanover College), 2017

Biochemistry Honors (Hanover College), 2017

Summa Cum Laude (Hanover College), 2017

Distinguished Award in Economics (Hanover College), 2017

  • Health economics
  • contingent valuation
  • health financing
  • cost-effectiveness
  • cost of illness
  • vaccines
  • international health
  • health systems
  • human resources
  • low and middle-income countries
  • Markov modeling
  • resource allocation
  • efficiency
  • data analysis

Most recent publications

  • Deborah ODIHI, Gatien DE BROUCKER, Md. Zahid HASAN, Sayem AHMED, Dagna CONSTENLA, Md. Jasim UDDIN, Bryan PATENAUDE (February 2020). Contingent Valuation: A Pilot Study for Eliciting WTP for a Reduction in Mortality from Vaccine-preventable Illnesses for Children and Adults in Bangladesh. In the peer- review process
  • Deborah ODIHI, Dagna CONSTENLA (May 2018). Review of contingent valuation methods in low- and middle-income settings. Master’s Thesis
  • Decade of Vaccine Economics