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Molly Sauer, MPH

  • Research Associate

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415 N. Washington Street
Room 543
Baltimore, Maryland 21231

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MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2015
BA, American University, 2010
BA, American University, 2010

  • Immunization
  • Implementation research
  • Infectious diseases
  • Global health policy
  • Health systems strengthening
  • Risk communication
  • Climate change & health


  • Abou-Nader AJ, Sauer MA, Steele AD, Tate JE, Atherly D, Parashar UD, Santosham M, Nelson EAS. Global rotavirus vaccine introductions and coverage: 2006 - 2016. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2018;14(9):2281-2296.
  • Wahl B, Sharan A, Deloria Knoll M, Kumar R, Liu L, Chu Y, McAllister DA, Nair H, Campbell H, Rudan I, Ram U, Sauer M, Shet A, Black R, Santosham M, O'Brien KL, Arora NK. National, regional, and state-level burden of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae type b disease in children in India: modelled estimates for 2000-15. Lancet Glob Health. 2019 Jun;7(6):e735-e747.
  • Limaye RJ, Sauer M, Ali J, et al. Building trust while influencing online COVID-19 content in the social media world. Lancet Digit Health. 2020;2(6):e277-e278.
  • Gupta M, Wahl B, Adhikari B, Bar-Zeev N, Bhandari S, Coria A, Erchick DJ, Gupta N, Hariyani S, Kagucia EW, Killewo J, Limaye RJ, McCollum ED, Pandey R, Pomat WS, Rao KD, Santosham M, Sauer M, Wanyenze RK, Peters DH. The need for COVID-19 research in low- and middle-income countries. Glob Health Res Policy 5, 33 (2020).
  • Holroyd TA, Sauer MA, Limaye RJ. Vaccine decision-making among parents of children on Medicaid with and without autism spectrum disorder. Vaccine. 2020 Oct 7;38(43):6777-6784.
  • Adult Immunization Situational Assessment
  • Assessing LMIC Decision Making Approaches and Partner Support
  • Building an Enabling Environment for Vaccines in India (EEVI)
  • Choice Optimization in Immunization: Country Exercises for Sustainability (CHOICES)
  • Coalition to the Strengthen HPV Immunization Community (CHIC)
  • International Lessons Learned to Help Accelerate EPI Expansion in China
  • Pneumonia & Diarrhea Progress Report
  • Rotavirus Accelerated Vaccine Introduction Network - RAVIN
  • Rotavirus Organization of Technical Allies (ROTA) Council
  • Social Media Research on Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Sustaining Access to Vaccines in India (SAVI)