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Herng-Chia Chiu, PhD

  • Professor - Adjunct

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PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1995
MHS, University of Mississippi, 1985

Honors and Awards

Special Contribution Award to KMU Healthcare System, 2003, Kaohsiung Medical University

Senior Fulbright Visiting Professor (2012):

Department of Healthcare Management, Virginia Commonwealth University (Feb-April);

Senior Fulbright Visiting Professor (2012):

Department of Healthcare Policy and Management, University of Minnesota (April-August)

KMU Best Research Award 2013, Kaohsiung Medical University


  • 1.Hsieh HM, Tsai SL, Shin SJ, Chiu HC*, "Effectiveness of Pay-for-Performance Incentive Designs on Diabetes Care. Medical Care. 2016.Jul 54(9) 811-898 (SCI/SSCI, IF:3.081, HEALTH POLICY & SERVICES 7/74)
  • 2.Chiu HC*, Hsieh HM, Lin YC, Kuo SJ, Yeh SC. et al, 2015. Patient Assessment of Diabetes Care in a Pay-for-Performance Program, International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2016; 28(2): 183-190 (SCI/SSCI,IF=1.756, HEALTH POLICY & SERVICES 30/71 )
  • 3.Hsieh HM, Shin SJ, Tsai SL, Chiu HC*. Effects of changes in diabetes pay-for-performance incentive designs on patient risk selection, Health services research 2016 ,51 (2):667-686(SCI/SSCI IF:2.865, HEALTH POLICY & SERVICES 9/74)
  • 4.Kao SH, Lu DK, Lin YL, Hsieh HM, Lin TH, Chiu HC* Association of Physician Certification Policy and Quality of Care: Evidence of percutaneous coronary intervention certification program in Taiwan. Health Policy. 2015 Aug; 119(8):1031-8. (SSCI/SCI, IF: 2.035, HEALTH POLICY & SERVICES 28/74)
  • 5.Hsieh HM, Tsai SL, Shin SJ, Mau LW, Chiu HC*, Cost-Effectiveness of Diabetes Pay-for-Performance Incentive Designs. Medical Care. 2015, 53(2), 106-115 (SCI/SSCI, IF: 3.081, HEALTH POLICY & SERVICES 7/74)