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Anna Kalbarczyk, MPH

  • Research Associate

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415 N. Washington Street
Room 323
Baltimore, Maryland 21231


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MPH, George Washington University, 2011


BA, Public Policy (Health & Economics), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2009

MPH, Health Promotion, George Washington University, 2011

DrPH, Implementation Science, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Expected 2021

I oversee all of the operations at the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health which services the entire University and aims to promote interdisciplinarity in global health. My work and research aims to improve the capacity of academic institutions to support global health training across the continuum of education. Areas of focus include 1) developing successful field training experiences, 2) improving and informing mentorship practices in global health, 3) building capacity with partner institutions, and 4) integrating disciplines.

Honors and Awards

Excellence in Teaching, 2016-2017

  • qualitative methods
  • travel medicine
  • infectious disease
  • illness prevention
  • behavior change
  • immunizations
  • gender-based violence
  • mentorship
  • training
  • capacity building
  • education

Relevant Publications

  • Carter, C. L., Resnick, E. M., Mallampalli, M., & Kalbarczyk, A. (2012). Sex and gender differences in alzheimer's disease: Recommendations for future research. Journal of Women's Health (2002),21(10), 1018-1023.
  • Anna Kalbarczyk, Elli Leontsini, Emily Combs, Fan Yang, Azal Ahmadi, Karen Charron (2015). Evaluation and support mechanisms of an emerging university-wide global health training program. Annals of Global Health. 81(5), 602-610.