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Connie H. Hoe, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

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615 N. Wolfe St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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PhD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2015
MSW, University of Pennsylvania, 2007



My research interests lie in the area of health policy; specifically, I utilize social science theories and methods to understand the politics of health policy in resource-limited settings. This includes investigating industry interference (e.g. tobacco industry, alcohol industry) in public health policymaking, understanding how international and national actors work collectively to advocate for national policy change/implementation, and examining factors that foster effective policy enforcement and increase compliance.

Currently, I am the principal investigator of a WHO-funded study aimed at mapping the involvement of the alcohol industry in road safety policies and programs around the world. My research portfolio also includes 1) a study that seeks to uncover the strategies used by advocates during major tobacco control advocacy battles to answer the question why tobacco control policies have been successfully adopted and implemented in some low-and middle-income countries but not others; 2) a multi-country study assessing tobacco control policy compliance; and 3) a study on intersectoral action for health in India using social network analysis.


I am a co-primary instructor for the graduate-level courses: "Policy Advocacy in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Application for Real World Challenges," and "Confronting the Burden of Injuries: A Global Perspective." I also have experience teaching courses geared towards practitioners including the Global Road Safety Leadership Course.


Most recently, I served as a consultant for the WHO Thailand Country Office.


Turkey; India; Philippines; China; Ukraine; Indonesia; Uganda; Egypt; Philadelphia; Gulf Coast Mississippi

Honors and Awards

Excellence in Advising Award, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, 2018

Global Health Established Field Placements Award, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, 2010

Robert E. Davies Award for Remarkable Achievements in Social Change, Penn Professional Women’s Network and Penn Women’s Center, 2008

Dr. Ruth E. Smalley Award in International Social Welfare, University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy & Practice, 2007

  • global health policy
  • politics of health policy
  • policy analysis
  • corporate policy influence
  • industry interference
  • policy implementation
  • policy advocacy
  • policy enforcement
  • policy compliance
  • social network analysis
  • injury prevention
  • tobacco control

Selected publications:

  • Hoe, C. & Hyder, A.A. (2017). Alcohol Industry and Public Health: Friends or Foe? Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 78(4), 635-636.
  • Hoe, C., Rodriguez, D., Uzumcuoglu, Y. & Hyder, A.A. (2016). “Quitting like a Turk:” How political priority developed for tobacco control in Turkey. Social Science & Medicine, 165: 36-45.
  • Rodriguez, D., Hoe, C., Dale, E., Rahman, M.H., Akhter, S., Hafeez, A., Irava, W., Rajbangshi, P., Roman, T., Tirdea, M., Yamout, R., & Peters, D.H. (2017). “Assessing the capacity of ministries of health to use research in decision-making: conceptual framework and tool.” Health Research Policy and Systems, 15(1): 65.
  • Hoe, C., Puvanachandra, P., Rahman, M.H., El Sayed, H., Eldawy, S., El-Dabaa, A., Albert, M., & Hyder, A.A. (2013). Seatbelt use and speeding on three major roads in Egypt: a brief report. Injury, 44(sup 4), S45-S48.
  • Burnham, G., Hoe, C., Hung, Y., Ferati, A., Dyer, A., Hifl, T., & Hasson, T. (2011). Perceptions and utilization of primary health care services in Iraq: findings from a national household survey. BMC International Health and Human Rights, 11(15).
  • Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety