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Elise Christina Omaki, MHS

  • Research Associate

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MHS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2011


Ms. Omaki was trained as an epidemiologist and her work focuses on the prevention of unintentional injury. Her specific research interests include the epidemiology of injuries and understanding the role of policies and programs in preventing injury.

Select publications

  • Omaki E, Frattaroli S, Shields WC, McDonald EM, Rizzuti N, Appy M, Voiles D, Jamison S, Gielen AC. Pilot Study of a Novel Partnership for Installing Smoke Alarms. Maternal and Child Health Journal. Online First.
  • Omaki E, Rizzutti N, Shields WC, McDonald EM, Stevens M, Gielen AC. A Systematic Review of Technology-based Interventions for Unintentional Injury Prevention Education and Behavior Change. Injury Prevention. 2017;23:138-146.
  • Omaki E, Shields W, Frattaroli S, McDonald E, Jones V, Gielen A. Six-month Follow-up of Lithium Battery Smoke Alarms and Self-Reported Reasons for Disabling. Injury Prevention. 2017;23:67-69.
  • Perry E, Shields W, OBrocki R, Bishai D, Frattaroli S, Jones V, Gielen AC. Examining Fire Department Injury Data as a Tool for Epidemiological Investigation. Journal of Burn Care & Research, 2014. Mar-Apr 2015;36(2):310-4.