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Timothy J. Nelson, PhD

  • Senior Scientist

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3400 N. Charles Street
Mergenthaler Hall 533
Baltimore, Maryland 21218


Doing the Best I Can

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PhD, University of Chicago, 1997
MA, University of Chicago, 1990

  • Fatherhood
  • Poverty
  • Religion
  • Qualitative Methods

Selected Publications

  • Kathryn Edin and Timothy J. Nelson. Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City. 2013. University of California Press.

  • Jennifer B. Kane, Timothy J. Nelson and Kathryn Edin. "How Much In-Kind Support do Low-Income Nonresident Fathers Provide? A Mixed Method Analysis." Journal of Marriage and Family 77 (June 2015): 591–611.

  • Jennifer Augustine, Timothy Nelson and Kathryn Edin. "Why Do Poor Men Have Children? Fertility Intentions among Low-Income Unmarried US Fathers. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 2009 624: 99

  • Kathryn Edin, Laura Tach and Timothy J. Nelson. "The Diverging Destinies of Fathers and What it Means for Children’s Lives." In Families in an Era of Increasing Inequality. Edited by Paul R. Amato et al. 2015. Sprimger International.

  • Timothy J. Nelson. Every Time I Feel the Spirit: Religious Ritual and Experience in an African American Congregation. 2004. New York University Press.