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Jacqueline Agnew, PhD

  • Professor

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room 7503D
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


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PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 1992
MPH, Johns Hopkins University


The goal of my research is to better understand the relationship between workplace exposures, worker characteristics, and musculoskeletal disorders so that these debilitating and expensive conditions can be prevented. Risk factors of particular interest to me are age and occupational stress. I have studied psychosocial work stressors, and ergonomic factors on musculoskeletal symptoms in garment workers, a group that is a typical example of aging American workers in physically demanding and stressful manufacturing jobs.

A secondary but related area of research is the development of more specific measures of occupational stress. This work has included a study of Army reservists to develop an occupation-specific stress inventory to be used in studies of musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, and other health outcomes. It is hoped that this work will serve as the prototype for an approach to the development and validation of occupation-specific stress measures, thus allowing us to advance current occupational stress models now used to examine outcomes such as musculoskeletal disorders. A prospective study of this important worker group is now beginning.

Honors and Awards

Advising, Mentoring & Teaching Recognition Award, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 1997 Fellow, American Academy of Nursing Delta Omega (Public Health Honor Society) Fellow, American Academy of Nursing Phi Beta Kappa Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing Honor Society)

  • Environmental Health Sciences aging workers occupational health environmental health occupational stress musculoskeletal disorders ergonomics nerotoxins
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