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Larry Williams Chang, MD

  • Associate Professor

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600 N. Wolfe Street
Room 401
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


Rakai Health Sciences Program

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MPH, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health
MD, Emory University School of Medicine


Dr. Larry Chang is Associate Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology, and International Health at Johns Hopkins University. He is a physician trained in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and epidemiology with an interest in interdisciplinary, innovative, and pragmatic approaches to impacting the HIV pandemic. Dr. Chang has experience in HIV treatment and prevention, implementation science, cohort, community-based trials, and mixed methods research. He is currently Co-PI of the Rakai Health Sciences Program (RHSP) in Uganda and is an active infectious diseases and HIV clinician.

For the past 19 years, Dr. Chang has engaged in HIV-related research in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2006, he has worked closely with collaborators from RHSP in Uganda on several randomized and observational studies. In the past, Dr. Chang has had the opportunity to lead with RHSP colleagues several peer and community health worker (CHW)-related implementation science studies including a cluster-randomized study on the impact of peers on AIDS care conducted in 2006-2008 and an individually-randomized study on peer support for pre-ART care in Rakai conducted in 2011-2013. He is currently PI of an R01 evaluating a cluster-randomized trial of a mHealth/CHW approach to combination HIV prevention promotion in a HIV hotspot fishing community in Rakai, PI of an R01 trying to find and evaluate hard-to-reach populations, and Co-PI of a community-randomized trial of a CHW intervention targeting in-migrants. In addition to his work with trials, Dr. Chang has also led or supervised several RHSP cohort-based studies, including reports on the heterogeneity of the HIV epidemic in Rakai, and the impact of combination HIV prevention on HIV incidence in the cohort.

Dr. Chang is also involved with HIV implementation science research and capacity building as a former Director of the Johns Hopkins CFAR Implementation Science Working Group and current Director of the Inter-Centers for AIDS Research Sub-Saharan African Working Group (CFAR-SSA). Dr. Chang is also PI of a Fogarty training grant focused on capacity building to understand and end the HIV epidemic in Uganda. A related focus of Dr. Chang’s research is using mHealth (mobile technologies for health) strategies for improving global public health and clinical care. He is the Associate Director for the University-wide Johns Hopkins Global mHealth Initiative.

  • HIV
  • Uganda
  • Africa
  • AIDS
  • mHealth
  • Epidemiology
  • Baltimore
  • Implementation Science
  • CHWs, mHealth, and Combination HIV Prevention in a Hotspot: A Randomized Trial
  • Understanding HIV Risk and Service Use in Hotspot Ugandan Fishing Communities