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Katrina J. Debnam, PhD

  • Assistant Professor - Adjunct

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P.O. Box 800782
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908


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PhD, University of Maryland, 2012
MPH, University of North Carolina, 2003
BA, Morgan State University, 2001

  • Debnam, K. J., Pas, E. T., Bottiani, J.,* Cash, A., & Bradshaw, C. P.  (2015).  An Examination of the Association between Observed and Self-Reported Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices.  Psychology in the Schools.

  • Debnam, K. J., Howard, D. E., Garza, M. A., & Green, K. M.  (online first).  African American Girls’ Ideal Dating Relationship Now and In the Future.  Youth and Society.  doi: 10.1177/0044118X14535417

  • Bradshaw, C.P., Debnam, K.D., Lindstrom Johnson, S., Pas, E.T., Hershfeldt, P., Alexander, A., Barrett, S., & Leaf, P.J. (2014). Maryland’s evolving system of social, emotional, and behavioral interventions in the public schools: The Maryland Safe and Supportive Schools Project. Adolescent Psychiatry, 4, 194-206, doi 10.2174/221067660403140912163120

    Debnam, K. J., Johnson, S. L., Waasdorp, T., & Bradshaw, C. P. (2014). Equity, Connection, and Engagement in the School Context to Promote Positive Youth Development.  Journal of Research on Adolescence, 24, 447-459. doi: 10.1111/jora.12083

    Holt, Cheryl L., Clark, E. M., Debnam, K, & Roth, D. (2014).  Religion and health in African Americans:  The role of religious coping.  American Journal of Health Behavior, 38, 190-199.

  • Bradshaw, C.P., Waasdorp, T.E., Debnam, K.J., & Lindstrom Johnson, S. (2014). Measuring school climate: A focus on safety, engagement, and the environment.Journal of School Health, 84, 593-604, doi 10.1111/josh.12186

  • Debnam, K. J., Johnson, S. L., & Bradshaw, C. P. (2014). Examining the Association between Bullying and Adolescent Concerns about Teen Dating Violence.  Journal of School Health, 84, 421-428.  doi: 10.1111/josh.12170.

    Debnam, K., Holt, Cheryl L., Clark, E. M., Roth, D., & Southward, P. L.  (2012).  Religious and general social support and health lifestyle behaviors in a national sample of African Americans.  Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 35, 179-189.