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Daniela C. Rodriguez, DrPH

  • Assistant Scientist

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615 N. Wolfe Street
Room E8612
Baltimore, Maryland 21205


Programmatic Transition Research

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DrPH, University of California at Berkeley, 2011
MPH, Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, 2005


I am a health systems researcher focused on low- and middle-income countries, with experience in evaluation and health policy research.  My areas of interest lie in evidence-informed decision-making, understanding the factors the influence policy development over time and across settings, and most recently, programmatic transition.  My primary expertise lies in qualitative approaches, with additional experience in the use of mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative approaches).  My educational background is in political science and global health, and my goal is to bridge the divide between these two disciplines by bringing a political lens to the study of public health decision-making. 

I am a co-investigator on several projects with health systems implications, including piloting a tool to assess capacities of Ministries of Health to demand and use research evidence, a multi-country study for a policy to address childhood mortality, evaluating the transition of a large-scale HIV prevention project in India from donor support to the local government, and development of a guide for the monitoring and evaluation of transition. My research activities have taken place in various countries in Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

Honors and Awards

Chancellor’s Fellowship for Graduate Study, University of California, Berkeley, 2007 – 2011

Grossman Award, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, 2009

Annual Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship, 2010

Public Health Alumni Association Scholarship, 2010

  • Evidence-informed decision making
  • data utilization
  • policy analysis
  • programmatic transition
  • evaluation

Recent publications

  • Rodríguez, D. C., Whiteside, A., & Bennett, S. (2017). Political commitment for vulnerable populations during donor transition. Bull World Health Organ, 95(2), 121-7.
  • Rodriguez, D.C., Tripathi, V., Bohren, M., Paul, A., Singh, K., Chhabra, V., Singh, S., & Bennett, S.  (2015). “From me to HIV”: a case study of the community experience of donor transition of health programs.  BMC Infectious Diseases. 15(1), 349
  • Rodriguez, D. C., Shearer, J., Mariano, A., Juma, P., Dalglish, S., & Bennett, S. (2015). Evidence-informed policymaking in practice: country-level examples of use of evidence for iCCM policy. Health Policy and Planning 30(suppl 2), ii36.
  • Bennett, S., George, A., Rodriguez, D., Shearer, J., Diallo, B., Konate, M., Dalglish, S., Juma, P., Namakhoma, I., Banda, H., Chilundo, B., Mariano, A. & Cliff, J. (2014). Policy challenges facing integrated community case management in Sub-Saharan Africa. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 19(7), 872-882.
  • Rodríguez DC, Magis-Rodríguez C, Bravo-García E. (2013). Barriers to the utilization of HIV/AIDS surveillance data in Mexico. Salud Publica Mex, 55, 408-415.