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Carey C. Borkoski, EdD

  • Assistant Professor

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2800 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218


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EdD, Johns Hopkins University School of Education, 2016
PhD, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, 2004
MA, University of North Carolina - Greensboro, 1999
BA, Wake Forest University, 1993


While my graduate research, dissertation and early publications focused on human capital accumlation and the relationship between different levels of education and earned wages, my current role as teaching faculty and Director of a Master's program shifted my focus to understanding and improving the learning experiences and outcomes of our students.  Consequently, my current research and and work investigates how innovative pedagogies like service-learning influence student learning. 

As a JHU School of Education Doctoral student, I am investigating low faculty participation in innovative teaching and service-learning by exploring their perceptions, identified barriers and incentives that influence their decision making.  Furthermore, I am working with a colleague at the School of Medicine on enhancing the learning experiences of students across the three health professional schools through classes that integrate tenets of interprofessional education.  

Honors and Awards

Received the Bloomberg School of Public Health Advising, Mentoring and Teach Award (AMTRA) 2013-2014

Awarded the Health Policy and Management Outstanding Faculty Award, 2013-2014

Reappointed as a SOURCE Senior Faculty Fellow (2014-2015); Appointed as a SOURCE Senior Faculty Fellow (2013-2014); Received a SOURCE Faculty Fellowship (2012-2013); Received the NISOD Award for Teaching Excellence (Spring 2004); Teaching Excellence Award, Anne Arundel Community College, Rookie Professor of the Year (2001).

  • innovative pedagogies, service-learning
  • teaching at research universities
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  • Wilcox-Gok, V., Marcotte, D., Farahati, F. and Borkoski, C. (2004). “Early Onset Depression and High School Dropout” published in Economics of Gender and Mental Illness.

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